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Home » Meghan Markle supports women and girls in Iran with her slogan T-shirt

Meghan Markle supports women and girls in Iran with her slogan T-shirt

Meghan Markle supports women and girls in Iran with her slogan T-shirt

Meghan Markle attire on Tuesday sent a strong message. The Duchess of Sussex wore a straightforward T-shirt with the Farsi words “Women.Life.Freedom” inscribed on it while attending a Women at Spotify event in Los Angeles to show her solidarity for the women of Iran.

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Meghan Markle At LA Office 

At the business’s LA offices, Iranian executives Mandana Dayani, president of Archewell, and Ashley Hansen, executive vice president of global communications, joined the former Suits actor. Meghan wore a black pair of leggings with a basic T-shirt. She kept her appearance simple by only giving her hair waves.

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Mandana Dayani On Instagram 

With Meghan and Ashley Hansen, Mandana Dayani shared photos on Instagram and written in caption, “Allies have shown up in so many forms over the past month since the death of Mahsa Amini. I am so grateful to work with incredible women like Meghan and my fellow Iranian colleague and friend, Ashley Momtaheni, as we continue to highlight the bravery and courage of the women and young girls on the frontlines of one of the most important feminist movements of our lives.”

Photo Credit: INDIA TODAY
Meghan Markle in a T-shirt to support women and girls in Iran.

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Dayani On Meghan Markle 

Dayani also thanked Meghan, who attended the occasion on behalf of her specialised podcast, Archetypes. She wrote “about the revolution by women and young girls in Iran, the courage and bravery they show every day, and their leadership and advocacy of basic human rights: women, life, freedom.”

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The Protest

Iranian protests have been going on since Mahsa Amini, 22, passed away while being held by the authorities last month. According to reports, Mahsa was detained by morality police for disobeying the hijab. According to some sources, more than a hundred people have died throughout the nation as a result of the violent women’s rights protests that began after her passing.

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Meghan never hesitates to express her views when it comes to discussing feminism. Deepika Padukone has discussed her mental health on her podcast Archetypes.

Many famous people, like Priyanka Chopra, Angelina Jolie, Nazanin Boniadi, and Britney Spears, have shown support for the Iranian ladies. Iranian women have been cutting their hair and removing their headscarves as part of their demonstrations. Several additional women from various countries have also joined them.

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