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Home » Official: Netflix Renews ‘Wednesday’ for Season 2

Official: Netflix Renews ‘Wednesday’ for Season 2

Netflix Renews Wednesday for session 2

The Netflix show Wednesday is still winning the hearts of the fans as it is renewed. Wednesday was first streamed on Netflix on November 23, 2022, and its popularity just skyrocketed from that. 

Now Amazon buying the MGM movie studio created speculations about Wednesday going to the house of Amazon prime.

But the new video on the YouTube channel of Netflix gave us hope regarding more upcoming misery, Wednesday season 2.

The Addams family has been a sensation since 1938 when it was introduced through The New Yorker’s comics panel. But the cartoon debut in 1960 was followed by a plethora of shows and movies based on them. Wednesday is the newest edition of the family. 

Wednesday Addams is a student at Nevermore Academy. She attempts to master her emerging psychic ability, thwart a monstrous killing spree, and solve a supernatural mystery from her parents’ past. And she takes us with her in this journey, creepy but a sweet one.

The Dance Scene from Wednesday, Source- Netflix

The show has been on Netflix for six weeks and has an accumulated watch time of 1.2 billion hours. And that is something extraordinary. The stats said it is successful. The hype says it is successful. And thus Netflix renewed it for another season. Read More: 1899 Gets Canceled, Netflix Faces Backlash From Viewers

It has been on Netflix’s Global Top 10 chart for all 6 weeks with 104 million hours watched this week. Now the stats are slowing down for sure, but it was enough to ensure the renewal. 

Source- Netflix

There is no specific date regarding the release of the 2nd season but we can expect some news sooner or later from Netflix as the fans keep creating buzz.

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