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Elon Musk booed at Dave Chappelle’s comedy show

Elon Musk gets booed by a crowd at a Dave Chappelle comedy show.

Chief Executive Officer of Twitter, Elon Musk wasn’t given too warm of a welcome at a Dave Chappelle comedy show last night. Here’s what went down.

Not The Warm Welcome Elon Musk Expected

Veteran comedian Dave Chappelle had just finished performing a set at the Chase Center in San Francisco. He then decided to invite his friend and billionaire Elon Musk on to the stage. Chappelle tells the audience, “Ladies and gentlemen, make some noise for the richest man in the world.” The ‘noise’ wasn’t what Chappelle or Musk expected. That’s when things went haywire for the SpaceX founder.
Musk was received by a mixed reaction of boos and cheers. But the plethora of boos were audibly drowning out the cheers. Caught off guard, Musk tells Chappelle, “You weren’t expecting this, were you?” The sound-crew even started to blare air-horns towards the end, in an attempt to drown out the boos.

Damage Limitation

Dave Chappelle would proceed to do damage limitation by trying to find humour in the situation. He would soon jokingly ask the crowd to shut up. “It sounds like some of those people you fired are in the audience,” Chappelle joked with Musk.” Chappelle tried to dig a way out for Musk and further added, “All these people that are booing, I’m just pointing out the obvious — they have terrible seats in the stadium.” Musk meanwhile was prevalently uncomfortable as he stood there with one hand in his pant pocket.

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Pretend It’s A Tweet Elon!

The sequence of events was first tweeted by Twitter user, James Yu. He tweeted saying, “A good 80% of the stadium boos. 18k people…I actually felt bad for him. I’m by no means an Elon fanboy, more a centrist. I wanted to shake him: for the love of god man, say something and pretend it’s a tweet!!”

Musk soon responded. He claimed that 90% of the crowd was in fact cheering for him. He feels the negative reason stemmed from him offending the Left.

Technically, it was 90% cheers & 10% boos (except during quiet periods), but, still, that’s a lot of boos, which is a first for me in real life (frequent on Twitter). It’s almost as if I’ve offended SF’s unhinged leftists… but nahhh.”

Additionally, the Twitter user who initially posted the video recording of the incident by sneaking their phone into the show had their account removed/suspended. It’s also a real possibility that the user deactivated their account after the plethora of reactions and tweets under the post. You can still find a copy of the video, here. Many found irony in this since Elon Musk has repeatedly stated that he’s all for freedom of expression on Twitter.

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Man Flirting With Controversy and Backlash

Ever-since the Tesla CEO opted to buy Twitter, he has evidently angered many. Musk was behind the recent mass firing at Twitter in an attempt to ‘cut down on costs’. He has additionally criticised lockdowns and went after U.S. President Joe Biden and U.S. Chief Medical Advisor, Anthony Fauci. Musk received flak for recently tweeting, “My pronouns are Prosecute/Fauci.” Furthermore, the tweet was deemed transphobic. The White House described the Twitter CEOs attacks on Fauci as “disgusting, dangerous and divorced from reality.”

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