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NBA renames the MVP Award as The Michael Jordan Trophy

The Michael Jordan Trophy

It seems that the GOAT debate has finally come to an end. The MVP Award has been renamed after the Greatest Basketball Player of All Time, Michael Jordan.

What Is The MVP Award?

The Most Valuable Player Award is an individual award bestowed upon the stand-out player of each NBA season. The award carries a lot of stature as it’s the most valuable and prestigious individual award in the NBA. Each player who has ever won the MVP Award is then inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. The award is pinnacle of individual accomplishment in basketball.

MVP Award Renamed As Michael Jordan Trophy

The best player of each season is awarded the Most Valuable Player Award. It is only poetic and fitting that now, the Most Valuable Player Award is now associated with Chicago Bulls’ Michael Jordan. They don’t make players like Jordan anymore. Despite being named after him, Jordan “wants the recipient of the award to see themselves in the award, not a likeness of him.”

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Records Can’t Escape Michael Jordan

If one is to ask why the MVP Award is being renamed as the Michael Jordan Award, they should look at the following list of achievements.
Jordan holds the record for the most number of free throws in a half (23), most steals in a half (8). He holds the all-time record for leading the NBA in points scored (11 times), the record for all-time playoff points per game (33.5) and all-time record for Jordan’s 866 consecutive regular season games scoring in double figures. He also holds the record for most points in a playoff game (83 against the Celtics in 1986) and most points ever scored in the playoffs with 5,987. If that wasn’t impressive enough, he is the only NBA player to score 50-plus points in back-to-back playoff games and never scored below 15 points in a playoff game. We’d be here all day if we ought to list down all of Michael Jordan’s records.

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A Closer Look At The Trophy

The Trophy was designed long-time Air Jordan designer, Mark Smith. If we take a closer look at the new Michael Jordan Trophy, we can see how it pays homage to the GOAT.

The trophy features a 23-point faceted ball, a reference to his iconic No. 23 jersey.

It is at a 15-degree angle, acknowledging his 15-season long career.

The base of the trophy has five sides, highlighting the five MVP Awards that Jordan himself has won. Furthermore, the trophy has a six-sided nameplate, a nod to his six championships.

It is 23.6” in height and 23.6 pounds in weight, paying homage to his jersey number and number of championships.

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How Many Times Did Jordan Win The MVP Award?

Jordan won the MVP Award a grand total of five times. Only behind Abdul Jabbar with six to his name.

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