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Home » Ukrainian Olympic Hero Yuriy Cheban auctions off medals for war-relief fund

Ukrainian Olympic Hero Yuriy Cheban auctions off medals for war-relief fund

Yuriy Cheban, decorated Ukrainian Olympic hero.

Decorated Ukrainian Olympic hero Yuriy Cheban is playing his part in Ukraine’s war efforts to defend itself from Russian aggression and occupancy.

Most Decorated Ukrainian Male Athlete In History

The sprint canoeist has decided to sell off his Olympic medals to contribute to ongoing Ukrainian war efforts. Yuriy Cheban had decided to auction off 3 Olympic medals – 2 gold and 1 bronze medal.

The Ukrainian won the Bronze medal for sprint canoeing in the 500m event at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Whereas the Gold medals in question were won in the 200m event at the 2012 London Olympics and 2016 Rio Olympics. He’s the only man to win three Olympic medals for Ukraine, making him the most decorated male athlete of his homeland.

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Time To Benefit Ukrainians Once Again

Yuriy Cheban described his 2016 Rio Olympics gold medal as one of the best moments of his life. A moment described only comparable to the birth of his child. Winning the gold medal at the grandest stage of them all undoubtedly won the hearts of Ukrainians and etched the feat in Ukrainian history. But the sprint canoeist feels its time to benefit Ukrainians once again. Cheban stated, “This Olympic finish left a great memory forever in the world history and in the hearts of Ukraine. Time to move on, I would like these medals to benefit Ukrainians once again.

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Yuriy Cheban Won’t Keep A Single Penny For Himself

The Ukrainian has decided to put his medals up for auction through SCP Auctions, a reputable name when it comes to selling sports memorabilia. The gold medals reportedly already attracted a bid of about $16K. All proceeds from the auction are to go directly to the Olympic Circle. The Olympic Circle was created by sports athletes around the world to help the ongoing Ukrainian cause and contribute to funding defense and logistical efforts.

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Leading By Example

Previously, fellow Ukrainian sports hero Ruslan Mezentsev also decided to put up his Olympic silver medal on the auction block. Mezentsev won the silver medal at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. The medal sold for over $14K and the gymnast donated all proceedings to his nation’s war efforts against Russia.

Decorated Ukrainian Olympic heroes Cheban and Mezentsev may not be on the frontlines but are clearly leading by example. Patriotism and selflessness unmatched.

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