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10 Most iconic roles of Sam Elliott

10 Most iconic roles of Sam Elliott

Sam Elliott is the embodiment of cowboy acting to many Western aficionados. His extensive record dates back to the 1960s, and his deep voice and recognisable thick and bushy moustache have secured him jobs in everything from sitcoms to classic westerns. Hence, these are the top 10 roles Sam Elliott has played, along with those and other roles.

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The Top 10 Roles Of Sam Elliott 

10/10: Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid

The sole credit Elliott received for this classic western starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford was “Card Player #2.” But because it was his first official film credit of his career, the movie is constantly brought up anytime his résumé is discussed. Elliott also said one sentence off-camera, though he acknowledges that it may not even have been him. In any case, the movie signalled the start of his career as the preferred cowboy among casting directors in Hollywood.

9/10: A Star Is Born

In Bradley Cooper‘s version of the classic rags to riches movie A Star Is Born, which starred Lady Gaga, he played one of his more recent parts that demonstrated his versatility. He plays Bobby, a struggling country music star Cooper’s half-brother and manager, in the movie.

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8/10: Hulk

Even though the movie received poor reviews, Elliott still has one of the most well-known roles. Then he portrays Thunderbolt Ross in the movie, the Colonel who prevents David Banner from continuing his research and starts the tragic chain of events that leads to the final creation of the Hulk.

7/10: Thank You For Smoking 

Elliott was already a well-known cowboy performer and Western hero when he joined the ensemble cast of this satirical movie about Washington lobbyists. His casting as the Marlboro Man, the once-famous cowboy mascot for Marlboro cigarettes, was so ideal. Elliott portrays the former mascot in the movie as a whistleblower who is afflicted with cancer brought on by smoking cigarettes.

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6/10: Mask

Rocky, a youngster who has craniodiaphyseal dysplasia, a disorder that results in severe disfigurements, is the subject of the heartbreaking movie Mask. After that, in the movie, Elliot plays Gar, a motorcycle tough who serves as Rocky’s mother’s (Cer) guardian and a peacekeeper.

5/10: The Ranch 

Elliott played the patriarch Beau Bennett in the Netflix comedy The Ranch, starring Danny Masterson and Ashton Kutcher, who had previously collaborated on That ’70s Show, and once again portraying a rancher/cowboy type. From 2016 through 2020, the programme aired. When Masterson was linked to a horrifying sex scandal, the show ran into some issues.

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4/10: 1883

Thanks to his presence in the short-lived Paramount+ series 1883, Elliott is now a part of the Yellowstone world. The television programme is a prequel that narrates how the Dutton family came to own Yellowstone Ranch. Hence, Elliott portrays Shea Brennan, the lonesome wagon train captain who leads the Dutton family to the West.

Note: Video is not available on YouTube.

3/10: Tombstone 

Too many Westerns feature Elliott to count. The Shadow Riders, Conhager, The Ranger, The Cook and the Hole in the Sky, The Quick and the Dead, and Gone to Texas are just a few of his well-known roles. The most well-received part of his career in a Western, meanwhile, may have been in Tombstone. The Gunfight At The O.K. Corral, a well-known gunfight that took place in Tombstone, Arizona, is the subject of the movie. Many notable old west figures perished in the horrific carnage, including Tom and Frank McLaury. Therefore, Elliott plays Virgil Earp in the movie, the legendary lawman Wyatt Earp’s brother.

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2/10: Roadhouse 

Although Patrick Swayze may be best known for the movie Roadhouse, Elliott deserves credit for making the movie as successful as it is. Elliott plays Wade Garrett, a fellow bouncer who mentors and imparts knowledge to Swayze’s character John Dalton in the movie. His older persona serves as a more composed counterbalance to Dalton’s arrogant and slightly haughty nature. Fun fact: Although this film, like many of Elliott’s, is set in Texas, Elliott was really born and raised in Sacramento, California.

1/10: The Big Lewbowski

In the cult film The Big Lewbowski by the Coen Brothers, Elliott once more had to don his cowboy hat. Then Elliott performs the dual roles of the narrator and “the stranger,” who listens in awe as the man’s straightforward worldview is delivered. “I don’t know about you, but I find comfort in the fact that the guy perseveres. Knowing that he is present and enjoying himself for all of us sinners, “were some of the last words the stranger uttered. Elliott is a go-to choice for narration and voice-over work because of his rich voice. Additionally, he has been in truck and whiskey advertising in addition to the well-known “Beef, it’s what’s for supper!” ads.

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Sam Elliott is not necessarily typecast as a cowboy or a Western actor; rather, he simply excels in the genre or in cowboy roles. Elliott does, however, have range. However, the actor has also been in fantasy picture The Golden Compass and cult classic horror movies like Frogs, in which you can see him before he developed his well-known facial hair. 

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