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Home » Drew Barrymore Reveals ‘Drunk’ Makeout Session with George Clooney’s ‘Best Friend’

Drew Barrymore Reveals ‘Drunk’ Makeout Session with George Clooney’s ‘Best Friend’

Drew Barrymore Reveals 'Drunk' Makeout Session with George Clooney's 'Best Friend'

Details regarding a period when Drew Barrymore was “drunk” and “made out” with George Clooney are being revealed by the actress.

When George Clooney visited Drew Barrymore’s daily talk programme on Friday, the “Ticket to Paradise” actor revealed her unexpected relationship to one of his close pals.

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What Drew Barrymore Remarked 

Clooney responded, “Well, that’s because I drink,” when Drew noted that it appeared like “good times follow” him wherever. Prior to Barrymore’s admission, he said, “That’s a concern actually, it does become a problem.”

On Friday, Clooney will be a guest on “The Drew Barrymore Show,” and in a clip from the broadcast, Barrymore disclosed that she shared a private moment with Clooney’s buddy and hairstylist Waldo Sanchez.

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When Drew Barrymore Made Drunk Makeout 

She referred to Clooney’s friend and hairstylist Waldo Sanchez, who worked as a hairstylist on the 2002 film, saying, “I got so intoxicated while we were doing ‘Confessions of a Dangerous mind’ that I made out with Waldo.”

George began, “I recall,” and then the two began to discuss a few more specifics.

They work together, and Waldo is George’s “best friend,” according to Drew. “The next day at work I was like, ‘Uh cool,’ because everyone’s just so cool,” Drew added.

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Why Drew Barrymore Says She Can Survive Without S***X

She confessed, alluding to Sanchez, “I got so intoxicated while we were making ‘Confessions of a Dangerous Mind’ that I made out with Waldo.”

The host of a daytime TV programme recently used her blog to dispel the myth that she does not enjoy sex. 

"The other day I walked into a workout class and this woman said 'you look just like Drew Barrymore except for you look like you have mental wellness and besides ...she hates sex!'"

Barrymore claimed that the discussion started when a well-known actor who she did not name but described as “a heart throb” said he had abstained from having sex for six months in order to prepare for a job. She also put to bed the theory that she hates sex.

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How Drew Explained The Grant Kiss Scene 

Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore engaged in another makeout session after “a few drinks” in 2021, when both actors made guest appearances on Barrymore’s talk programme.

I don’t think we’ve ever talked about this, but one of the times I had the most guts was when I walked into, I believe, the Waverly Inn in NYC’s West Village. “This occurred years ago. I came in, had a few beers, and ran into you. I grabbed you by the collar and totally began kissing you instead of saying hello.”

Grant smiled and added, “Yes, I remember that.” Barrymore then mimicked the priceless expression she claimed to have seen on Grant’s face after kissing him.

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Watch The Interview Here: 

The Interactions made through You tube makes audience feel the Drunk scene explained by Barrymore. Also, the Kiss scenario where George’s best friend involved.

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