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Home » Former NBC Anchor Katie Couric talks about breast cancer, calls herself ‘lucky’. Find out why

Former NBC Anchor Katie Couric talks about breast cancer, calls herself ‘lucky’. Find out why

Former NBC Anchor Katie Couric talks about breast cancer, calls herself 'lucky'. Find out why

The former co-anchor of NBC’s “TODAY” show, Katie Couric, recently shared her experience of receiving a breast cancer diagnosis. Couric claimed that the early detection of her breast cancer was “fortunate.” The 65-year-old anchor claimed that breast cancer was discovered in June. She disclosed that following surgery on July 14, she started radiation therapy on September 7.

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When Katie Couric Diagnosed With Cancer

On her ninth wedding anniversary, Couric received the news that she had breast cancer. The NBC anchor was also reminded of her relatives who had the illness because of it. Jay Monahan, Couric’s first husband, also received a colon cancer diagnosis. At the age of 42, Monahan passed away in 1998.

Katie Couric Talks About Her Health

On October 3, the anchor of “TODAY” stated that she had finished 15 days of radiation and was feeling good. She claimed to be in excellent health after completing radiation treatment last week. Despite being first stunned by her news, Couric admitted that she was happy that her breast cancer was found in an early stage 1A

According to Couric, her doctor advised her that the condition was manageable but that a strategy was required. When telling her daughters Carrie and Ellie the news, the 65-year-old said she was “nervous.”

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Katie Couric Advice

While cautioning other women, Couric noted that those with thicker breasts are more susceptible to cancer. She also advocated for yearly mammograms for all females.

Bravo to Katie Couric for revealing not only her breast cancer diagnosis but also for promoting breast density awareness, which is a separate risk factor for breast cancer.

The Law Of Brem Foundation

A Washington, D.C., law requiring healthcare providers to give people access to mammography findings, including the classification of their breast tissue, was passed in 2018 with the aid of the Brem Foundation to Defeat Breast Cancer. 

The law also mandates insurance coverage for additional, crucial exams that women with dense breasts and other risk factors, like ultrasound, need to detect their breast cancer. Many states have approved legislation of a similar nature.

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The Initiative Of Food And Drug Administration

It is past time for federal action from the Food and Drug Administration to address breast density and improve breast cancer screening and diagnosis. Numerous lives will be saved as a result.

Section 377A of the Penal Code, which makes sex between men illegal, was chosen not to be enforced by the government in 2007, although the statute itself was left unaltered.

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