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After Taylor Swift fiasco, Ticketmaster sued due to Bad Bunny mishap

Bad Bunny is currently on a world music tour.

Ticketmaster has to face the music yet again. Ticketmaster Mexico was directly responsible for overselling of tickets for the ongoing Bad Bunny World’s Hottest Tour in Mexico City.

Bad Bunny Concert Counterfeit Tickets Create Chaos

Due to an over-sale of tickets, hundreds and hundreds of Bad Bunny fans faced difficulties entering the concert. It was later revealed that counterfeit tickets had infiltrated the concert. As a consequence, many concert goers with legitimate tickets were denied entry. Some of these legitimate tickets were later deemed illegitimate due to over-sale of tickets. Many went to the extent of trying to climb over the gates. Official investigations depicted that a total of 1600 counterfeit tickets were reported for the first concert on December 9. Whereas 110 counterfeit tickets were in circulation for the second concert on December 10.

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No Place To Hide For Ticketmaster

There was no evading accountability for Ticketmaster Mexico. All these so-called counterfeit tickets were issued by Ticketmaster itself. Mexican authorities are not taking this lightly. Ticketmaster’s financial assets are set to take a hit due to this. This is where Mexico’s Federal Attorney’s Office for Consumers (PROFECO), Ricardo Sheffield stepped in. To re-imburse those affected, Ticketmaster Mexico has been directed to provide a 20% compensation fee in addition to a full refund. Such a fine is equivalent to about 10% of Ticketmaster’s total sale revenue in 2021.

Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has asked Bad Bunny to put up a free concert to make up for the mishap.

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Deja Vu

This is déjà vu for Ticketmaster all over again. In November it faced the heat from millions of Taylor Swift fans around the world. It was accused of misleading fans by promoting more pre-sale codes than actual tickets in hand. There was a waiting time of over 8 hours and insufficient tickets. Ticketmaster website crashed and there were service delays when fans tried to buy Tickets for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, 2023.

Many fans decided to sue Ticketmaster and its parent company Live Nation as a result of this treatment. Lawyers for the fans stated, “In markets without a singular, monopolistic company, charging prices and fees like Ticketmaster would be impossible…Ticketmaster does not do anything to justify these higher costs. Ticketmaster’s service is not superior or reliable.

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An Excruciated Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift addressed the failures of Ticketmaster by stating that she had asked Ticketmaster multiple times whether it could handle the demand and she was repeatedly reassured. “Excruciating for me to just watch mistakes happen with no recourse,” Swift added.
In recent months Ticketmaster has faced similar complaints for concerts of artists such as Harry Styles and Dua Lipa.

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